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About Scalpers

Scalpers: Turtle & the moonshine gang, is an action packed co-op shooter. Set in the Wild West, where ruthless bounty hunters takes part in epic battles to bring down the wanted and collect their prizes!

Join your friends in mission based campaigns with massive explosions, blasting bullets, sneaky ambushes and intense boss fights. Choose from a range of bounty hunters, weapons and abilities to find something that best suits your playstyle and what the team needs.

Strike fear amongst your enemies and become the most notorious bounty hunter in the Wild West!

  • Online co-op campaigns, up to 4 players
  • Challenging and deadly boss battles
  • A range of different playable bounty hunters, weapons and abilities
  • Telegraph based combat system
  • High replayability with scalable difficulty on each mission
  • Persistent progression - find upgrades for your weapons and abilities
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We are currently maintaining 246 pages (9 articles)!
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